Hi there, this is me! I am a professional dude..! 😉

My name is Tom Jacobs and I am a self employee and freelancer under the name Millionviews working in the amazing world of 3d animation.

I am using my experience to work on commercial or educational projects for advertising,-, productions,- game studios and inhouse projects. The options to work with me is either on hiring me as a freelancer or outsourcing a (partly) project to me and I’ll take care of it.

Lighting, shading, creating believable worlds that tell small stories, combining and understanding techniques are my strongest points.


Use technique to create art

I am not graphic designer, nor can I design logos. My speciality is the 3d world. I use the best and most common tools to create and shape 3d content. 3d can be more ‘arty’, stylised or photorealistic.

Creating and shaping (VR) worlds

While 3d is our first setup, we use this art to tell stories, we think about what happened to certain places, why they look the way they are? Every corner should have reason.

Animation, Films & VR

At the end of the road, everything comes together in either commercials, interactive media, VR worlds or short animations. Sometimes the animation tend to move towards the motion graphic world. (which is really a different level of speciality)


``That's great and all, but…``

“…why would I want to work with you?”

Because you want to be sure that you make the deadline, too. And make great stuff together!

I agree on a fixed price and I am not spending time calculating each single second.

If needed, I know quite some good con collegues and freelancers to assemble a team to pick up larger projects or outsource work such as music, sound design, voice-overs.

If something seems technical difficult, I always figure it out! I am not married with tools either.

Because I am a professional dude and I throw out way too many Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes! :-p

Bio & Contact

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